Hope You’re Happy Too is an impact driven lifestyle brand, founded by friends, with a simple mission: Remind People to be Happy. 100% of the profits from our pins will be donated to partners with a purpose, a rotating cause that we seek to support.

We’re all going through something in this crazy world, and we all struggle to talk about it. We created our products to normalize discussing mental health with friends and loved ones. Why the smile? The smiley face is the universal symbol for happiness. A beloved icon seen across the globe and throughout time in art, fashion, music, education, and culture,  we hope to continue using this important yet simple reminder to help drive hope and health for all.

Each of our custom pins is made with care, and 100% of the profits go to support an important cause we believe in. We will continue to seek out new and vital causes as the project evolves, if you have recommendations please send us a note via the contact page.